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Meats You’ll Definitely Want to Grill This Summer

Summer is upon us! It’s time for sunshine, lounging by the poolside, and going to the beach. Among all the beach towels and coolers of iced drinks, hands down one of the greatest things about summer is the food, and grilling is the best of it all.

Flank Steak
Cut from a cow’s lower chest or upper abdomen, flank steak is an incredibly lean, supple cut of meat when handled properly. Cut against the grain, and make sure to pair it with a flavorful, tenderizing marinade. While more connective tissues and less fat can make this cut tough to cook, careful attention to cooking time and temperature can make it a rewardingly soft, flavorful steak.

The picanha, or sirloin cap, is a soft and tasty cut of meat from the top of the sirloin area, right from the top of the rump, that is extremely popular in Brazil. With this steak, it is important to cut with the grain, which may be a bit different, but it’s worth it. This steak is best suited for high heat grilling since it has a good balance of fat and lean muscle.

Hanger Steak
This particular popular cut comes from the cow’s short plate or belly. Cook it in the same way you would a filet by first scorching it to get a nice sear and then finish it over low heat. You’ll want to avoid overcooking the thinner end portions because of its long form, and we recommend cooking it no more than medium-rare to avoid it becoming chewy and leathery.

Grilling some fresh, high-quality beef is definitely a herald of summer. So head on down to your local butcher shop and grab yourself some of these incredible premium meats to kick off summer with a flavorful bang. Your taste buds, and your human buds, will thank you for it.