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How to Properly Buy Meat from a Butcher

How to Properly Buy Meat from a ButcherIt can be a bit daunting to learn how to buy meat from a local butcher shop, but the return you get in one-on-one support and quality meats is definitely worth it. Here are some tips on how to properly buy your meat from a butcher.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions
A good local butcher is going to be a meat expert! Feel free to ask them where they source their animals, how they were raised, and how they practice humane butchering. Local butchers are trained in their craft—they know a lot about meat and how to handle it. Ask them for recommendations on how to switch up your favorite recipes with a new protein! If you have a particular recipe you are curious about, you can also ask butchers for specialty cuts that you may not find in a grocery store.

Do Some Research
It never hurts to get a little more information before doing something you may not be familiar with. Try to get a little familiar with the various cuts of meat that may be available, or specifically the meat cuts for your needs. Look into what the various grades of meat are and what doesn’t constitute quality. For instance, USDA grade is one of the greatest indicators of meat quality, so take that into account when purchasing. All good butchers will assist you if you’re not sure about something, but knowing some things ahead of time can speed up the process.

Enjoy the Process
Think of a visit to your local butcher shop as a departure from supermarket runs. Enjoy the feeling of being a valued customer and getting to know your local butchers. Establish a working relationship with a butcher built on trust and knowledge. This will not only make your meat selecting processes stronger, but also make it a fun experience as well.

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